29 10/14


October 29  Solar wind speeds 350 to 450 km/sec.  R1 radio blackouts.  Landslides Sri Lanka and China.  After almost a year, CDC admitted Ebola is airborne and has staying power.  OB1 still intent on spreading Ebola around.  You would think that after a century of central banking and $100 trillion in debt, the world would dump the parasites!  As with previous regimes, OB1’s government is full of NWO cheerleaders.  35 active volcanoes (while Smithsonian reports 16). 25 US fireballs.  3 M5+ quakes.  M-class flares.  Sunspots 2192, 2194, 2195, 2196, 2197 and 2198.

October 28  Solar wind speeds 350 to 500 km/sec.  M6.1 quake Tonga.  R3 radio blackouts.  Landslides China.  Extreme weather Australia.  76 US fireballs.  3 M5+ quakes.  M-class flares.  Sunspots 2192, 2194, 2195, 2196 and 2197.

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