22 10/14


October 22  Solar wind speeds 700 to 400 km/sec.  R3 radio blackouts.  Extreme weather Serbia.  Tornadoes Texas.  CDC plans to have a potential self-monitoring 3,150 potential Ebola victims wandering around the US on any given day.  The reason tyranny appears legal in a Constitutional republic.  The weather satellite system is down.  36 active volcanoes (while Smithsonian reports 18).  60 US fireballs.  4 M5+ quakes.  X-class flares.  Sunspots 2187, 2192, 2193 and 2194.

October 21  Solar wind speeds 450 to 700 km/sec.  G1 geomagnetic storms.  R1 radio blackouts.  Floods Canaries.  Landslides Malaysia.  Fires South Dakota and India.  Pole shift can happen surprisingly quickly.  OB1 working to keep Americans on Mexican wages!  Science suggests a travel ban advisable.  56 US fireballs.  3 M5+ quakes.  M-class flares.  Sunspots 2187, 2191, 2192 and 2193.

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