18 09/14


September 18  Solar wind speeds 450 to 350 km/sec.   Floods France.  Fires California.  Giant waves Costa Rica.  Red tide Florida.  The world wearies of central bank oppression and the bankster groupies that keep it going.  6 US fireballs.  3 M5+ quakes.  C-class flares.  Sunspots 2164, 2165, 2166, 2168, 2169 and 2170.

September 17  Solar wind speeds 450 to 350 km/sec.  M7.1 quake Guam.  Landslides Vietnam.  Floods California and Serbia.  Extreme weather Arizona and UAE.   Half of Congress might actually have done something meaningful, calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.  Of course it would take the Senate and the President to actually do something, but the House has performed the ritual kabuki dance.  Biggest economic bubble in history.  34 active volcanoes (while Smithsonian reports 25).  15 US fireballs.  5 M5+ quakes.  C-class flares.  Sunspots 2157, 2158, 2163, 2164, 2166 and 2167.

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